SPHC Christian Formation

Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral Care  is committed to caring for the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff. They provide spiritual support to people of all faith traditions and are readily available to explore spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalization. 

Sunday Mass

We are Inviting you to attend our Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 6:15 in the morning at SPHC Chapel.

Weekday Mass

6:30 am to 7:30 am in SPHC Chapel

SPC Vocation

Do you have...

  • A love for prayer and solitude?
  • A healthy mind and body?
  • A positive outlook and attitude in life?
  • A desire to serve Christ in the poor and the needy?

Come! Join our Search-in Recollection

Contact: The vocation directress 203 Provincial Road, 187 Antipolo City

Mobile: 0922 862 7913

Email: spcvocation@yahoo.com

Website: www.spcphil.com